Seven Weeks in IALF Bali

Time flies, huh?
It is still fresh in my memory, the day when i left home. The last day i saw my family, the doggies and of course Josua. It was a Sunday windy morning when i tried hard not to break the rivers in my eyes. But, who knows that after these seven weeks, i find myself enjoy with this new activities. To be a student (again).

Making friends with the new people is always excited, right? We came from different places, different background of works, different ages but now i've already get the bonding around us.

Someone said, people is an adaptive creature. Just throw away the characteristic group of people, actually, we as adult could make a relation with the others if we want to. It may be easier if we make friend with a person who also share the same character with us. But, it doesn't mean that we cannot receive others with different type of character.

Well, it can be said that maybe because we have the same demand in this course, that make us getting close. But, it is really nice to met them all and to know them more.

At this time, we must finish our alternating essay for 600 words. At first, we taught that we might find it difficult to make a quite long essay, but Steve, our amazing teacher, introduce us Rationale (a software that help us to make a logic paragraph) then, 600 words are not enough. I am sure some of my friends can even produce more than one thousand words.

So see? it's not about our ability, it is about our desire to achieve something. If we eager to make it true, then we will find the way to get that.

One night, one of a worker in Puskesmas Kota Soe, Mrs Merry phoned me. We did a little chat about work, about my study and she asked me something about medicine. I was really happy to receive a call from her. And it provoked my memory about my previous job. And i remember the good times i spend on with my workmate. I remember the patients who always looked for me, i remember the delivery room that usually made me nervous when delivery a baby. And so on.

People come and go in our lives. Someone stays longer, while other just stop for a moment and go away.  I think it's not about how many time we spend together on, but how big influence we leave behind. Well, the influence word is maybe too large, just say, a good thing that make them remember about us. Live and give a meaning to somebody.

I met many kind people here, and i feel blessed to know them.

Suddenly, i am not feel alone, altough i am far away from all the ones i love.

it is about me. Yeah i am not always having good days here, there is also a gloomy one, there is also a day with little fight with my boyfriend, but overall, i enjoy my life.

Talking about my boyfriend, yeah as usual, thank God he is still passion to face my rollercoaster mood. Hehe.

Have a nice day all.
Whether the sky is blue or cloudy, just give a bright smile, there is always hope. There is.