Menampilkan postingan dari September, 2014

Viva La Vida

"The runner up is 4.5 months A!"

That sentence was shouted by Mr. Michael, the director of Australia Awards when he was announcing the best performances in Barbecue Party, held in Australia Consulate in 26 September 2014.

At first, my friends and I were silent and were absorbing whether it was true or not, or may he was wrong when mentioned our class. But when we realised that we didn't get lied by our ears, we couldn't hold our gladness, we just jumped and hugged each other. It was really an amazing night.

It was the night when i fully knew that i was lucky, surrounded by those amazing friends.

If i could throw back time, and we should choose where class we want to be, i never doubt to choose this class to be mine.

It is not about getting the runner up.

We really enjoyed our performance much. When we did some rehearsals, those were a good time as well. Too much laugh there. After being together for 4 months, we used to get know each other well. Each of us has differ…

Trip to BATI (Bali Appropriate Technology Institute)

I have told you many times that my teachers here are amazing. Last week, Steve mentioned in the class about having a trip to a place where we can learn about technology  and meet with the master. He said briefly about this man who already success to apply a simple technique to make a very useful yet simple water access. When Steve told this, one figure popped up in my mind. I was thinking about many children brought bucket contain water in the afternoon on foot, no sandals, and they must walked several kilometers to reach the source a water. This was a usual view in my hometown, Soe.

Well, the trip day finally came. With 3 buses, all of 4.5 month-ers EAP students plus Steve and Wendy as well went to Bali Appropriate Technology Institute (B.A.T.I) in Tabanan. The journey took one hour and half. And finally after went trough  narrow and curve roads, we got there. Then, we must walked in a very steep road to reach the main building.

The first thing i felt about this place is..... peace.…

13 Weeks in IALF Bali

13The number related to unlucky. Since, i am not a person who paid attention to myth, i don't wanna write about spooky story here :).It is about the length time i am already here, learning in Bali. Time goes so fast as well, while my brain cannot absorb faster than i expect :').Some of my friends will take IELTS test tomorrow, while i am still not sure could gain higher score than my previous IELTS in January :')Our teachers have already held 3 mock tests for us. And they are really take care about our result. They made corrections  to our writing seriously that make me sometime feel guity if i can't give my best.Well, i believe in the dark before the door, yeah... Hopefully, i'll post a good news here after i pass my real IELTS test next month.However, i really enjoy my time here.
Life is (still) good.