Menampilkan postingan dari Juli, 2015

July Notes

Welcome back, university life
So, after five week holiday at home with my lovely family and my one and only boyfriend, here I am, sitting in the library and doing some reading materials (while browsing, tweeting, and other social media activities) :p.
Because of my infinite laziness, this blog has not been gained my attention for some period of times. Even many things have happened for sure, and undoubtedly, I feel quite guilty not to capture those moments on this blog. Therefore, I want to make a commitment to my self to save times to make posts about my holiday experiences.
So this very first post after the laziness period, I just want to write about some random thoughts. (well, there is no need for you to continue reading this blog actually, feel free to close the tab. Again, I just want to use this blog for my own benefit, particularly, to freeze moments and ideas).
About pursuing master degree in University of Melbourne
The first semester has finished. And the results was okay. …