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A story in the end of August

Every semester has it’s own challenges.
Or, let me edit the sentence, Every day of life has it’s own challenges, it’s own uniqueness, it’s own stories, it’s own blessings.
Last semester, I faced a problem that I never ever imagined it would bother me. But it did. It’s related to my health. Maybe, because of the changes of my daily food, or the weather, or the psychosomatic thing or others, but It happened, and it was so uncomfortable.
I didn’t tell anyone. Except my boyfriend.
And I am lucky enough to have him to listen to my complaints, give suggestion, encourage me and stay being the same.
Moral of the story: there are and there will be many unpredictable, surprising things happened. It may be a good, joyful experience, or it can be a bad one. But, there is always a way to go trough the problem. And as long as you have someone you are comfortable to share it, you will be fine. Everything will be fine.
This semester.
Sometimes, I found my mind is walking so far leave my body here. Well, it’s…

A confession

This time I do not want to make a romantic poem for you, as I always do. This time I do not want to use flowery woods to make you blushing. This time I just want you to know a fact that I never told you before.
I can live without you. Yes, I am able to breathe without you.
Life may become harder as I has been getting used to spend every day with you. I may feel lonely sometimes, and I may miss you, as you always know my every single move. It may be awkward to not to share with you. But, I know I can.
So, what is so special with you so I want you to accompany me?
Yes, because, even, I am capable in walking in life without you, it must be different. I may be happy, but I cannot be happier when I am with you. I may smile everyday, but the smile cannot be brighter when you are with me. I may still like watching sunset, but the sunset cannot be more beautiful when I see it with you.
So darling, let’s stay together, Neither because we cannot live without each other, nor we are the centre o…