About posting too much at Facebook

It has been widely known that Indonesia is one of the most social media active users. You name any kind of social media and almost young people (even adults and older people) know about it. Facebook is really happening even until nowadays. People never feel bored to share about themselves. I have a friend from Malaysia and she said, i changed the way i use Facebook since i have many friends in Indonesia. In the past, she continued, i never used my own photo at the profile picture, or posted about my feelings, what i was doing, what i ate, who was my friends, family and so on. But still even she said she has been more opened in Facebook, i found that she is not that 'opened' as many of my Indonesian friends.

Well, maybe not all of my friends. I can say some, and i can be one of them. I have tried to reduce posts on Facebook. It will be hard if previously you are one of super active users. But i tried and somehow i feel better. I mean, by consciously choosing what i want to share to public it can make your own private room. A room which you only want to share with the closest ones. It called privacy.

And unfortunately i don't only apply it to myself, i am expected people also want to do the same, which is impossible, isn't it? For a sarcasm person like me, you will find it so difficult to see things without criticising it. Well, criticising here not merely means being cynical. No. it means, i give compliments because i have reasons to support the argument. And when it comes to 'not so good' comments i also have plenty of reasons. Not only based on my feeling. So back to social media, now, i really choose what i want to see and absorb in social media. And continuous every single day or even hour selfies is not one of them. Thats why i said it unfortunate. I mean, if i keep seeing the selfish posts (yes i write it right), it may change my mood. So instead of i am being irritated because of this badly unimportant thing, i choose to not see them.

A best friend of mine is also really active in social media. But i really like his posts. Because he does not only post about himself, but in contrast he prefers to post about surrounding, simple things he finds in his daily life. And well, it is inspiring.

Thank to the unfollow button on Facebook. I can simply hit this to filtrate what i want to see.

If you accidentally read this post until the last sentence, well take it easy. I don't always being dislike about those things. I can ignore also the posts sometimes. Some selfies may be good (still, if they don't post it  frequently). The main reason why i write it here because i have nothing to do now and i just want to practice writing in english since it's like long time ago i wrote in english in academic way. Well, it's not absolutely the way i write my paper, but still it's in english :D.

Have a nice day, please mind other people feelings if you post your selfies everyday (In addition be wise with your age ;p), once in a fortnight or in a month is still tolerable. :D :D