Yesterday was Yosua's first time receiving salary. I could see the sparks in his eyes. He was just so happy when he handed me the white envelope. Officially he just worked for one day, the two other days were training sessions. At his work, the employees get their salary weekly every Monday. So, for the next few weeks, it will be Happy Monday for us. Overall, he is enjoying his work. And i also gain advantages from this, since overtime he gets home, he always brings me food ;). Yeah, the perk of working in the Restaurant.

And since he is working, i am back to become the solely human :p. I only have one day of lecture, because my intensive class has not been started yet. But it's quite different now compare to when i was at cardigan street. Here, because we live alone (others are at the upstairs) i am free to do whatever i want in the house. I can use kitchen, bathroom, living room as many as i want. And i am trying to manage myself as well, especially for time management. Let's see how i can rely myself to do this.

I will write another post when i have done this routine schedule for 10 days. The said, if we have done the same thing for 40 times without failed and do it regularly, it will become habit. I just want to challenge my self for this 10 days ;).

Well, take responsibilities for others when you are living together is a new thing for me. I am getting there.