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Friday Blogging #2

Yesterday, we visited a senior extended family whose condition is not so good. In one point of conversation he looked at me and Yosua and said, 'it's time for you two to have a baby to make your parents happy.'

I only smiled and did not say any words (as always).

Unexpectedly, My father replied to him, 'she still has another plan to do. let her'


It aint easy for a woman to reach her dreams. This woman really needs strong support systems. And i thank God that i got mine.

I never talked to my parents why i haven't been expecting yet. I only told them that i wanted to pursue higher education. But, they concluded these two situations and backed me up in the front of (annoying) extended family.

I couldn't be more grateful to have supportive parents like them. Especially to my father.

I love you, Papa.

Kupang, May 2017

Saturday Blog #1

Last month, I randomly submitted my cv regarding a job vacancy in a (big) non-profit organisation, based in Jakarta. What I like about the job was the description and the field they were looking for. It was about maternal and child health and nutrition. The interesting part of the position was I could travel to all over the nation to supervise the team. The deadline of the application was on Friday, 21st April. On the next Monday, I got a call from the organisation to make time for interview. The interview was good. It was only 15 minutes and they asked me more about my personal life (something that I actually never liked to discuss with people). One week after, they sent me list of questions I should answer. I was expected to submit my answers by 5th May. I was in Maumere at that time. I read the questions, and tried to answer. I was familiar with most of the questions. But, a piece of my heart was not to comfortable to continue the process. One big question stuck in my mind (and my …

Berkunjung ke Museum Bikon Blewut

Saya berkunjung ke Maumere dalam rangkaian acara Temu Seni Flores yang diselenggarakan oleh Koalisi Seni Indonesia dan PWAG Indonesia bekerja sama dengan komunitas seni lokal seperti SARE dan KAHE. Di Maumere, Yosua dan saya menghabiskan waktu 4 hari. Tidak sulit untuk jatuh cinta dengan Maumere. Mungkin karena masih berada di daerah Nusa Tenggara Timur, sehingga tipikal orang kita sama. Mungkin karena alam-nya dan suasana kota-nya juga sama dengan di Timor, sehingga saya pribadi langsung merasa seperti kembali ke rumah.
Yosua dan saya tidak banyak mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata selama kami di sini walau kami punya waktu yang cukup. Bahkan pantai Koka yang terkenal itu saja, tidak kami kunjungi. Tapi justru saya tidak menyesal sama sekali. Entahlah, mungkin karena tujuan awal saya datang ke Maumere bukan untuk pergi ke tempat wisata sebanyak-banyaknya, tapi lebih untuk mendengarkan cerita dan mengobservasi.
Saya percaya sesuatu dengan ekspektasi yang rendah malah akan menghasilkan …