Drinking Tea

20 April 2019 09:08 am

Good morning. Actually i already wrote a paragraph on my diary but then decided to do a blog post instead. This post will be like a random post of what i did this morning and some other thoughts hanging on my brain.

Today i woke up almost at 7 am. Quite late actually. But i had a good sleep without a single nightmare or me waking up in the middle of the night. So i skipped my guiltyness feeling and thought what i would do next, do yoga or walk down the street to the local market. I chose the second. So today will be the very first time skipped my morning yoga routine that i had built for this last month. But thinking that it's still 9am, i may be do it after i write this.

So i went to the market by myself. I used to do this with Yosua. But since he is away for work, i go to the market alone. This has been my routine as well. Most of the time i cook my meals, except lunch on the weekdays, i prefer to buy lunch on the university foodcourt. to make me not to feel bored of my own cook. I like to cook after come back from the office. It's like a therapy for my mind, focusing on making food. So, today i bought: chicken, tofu, tempeh, some veggies, some watermelon, salak, spicy, lemon, ginger, cinammon allfor 78 thousands rupiah. I love being in the market. I love the communication with sellers. Here we don't have to bargain, all are fixed price. And all are cheap!

Some sellers even already know me. They will like: 'Kayak biasa ya mbak?' Or the other tofu seller said this: 'kok ngga ngambil tahu sekalian', since i already got a new tofu seller (which is cheaper) i politely said no, and i got tempeh from her instead.

If i am with Yosua, i may have bought other things as well. I may buy banannas, cucumbers, or sweet corns. But i am alone, and i have to walk like 700 metters, and only have two hands, so yeah, don't want to put many burdens on my hands and shoulders.

Ok. I got home at 7:45, then i spreaded the groceries on table and took some pictures to show my mom. If i have spare time i love to do that. feeling so satiffisfied to buy all of these with a very good deal. Then i put everything on the fridge. I cleaned the chicken first. I still have left over from last night, so i will warm it up for my late breakfast, or maybe brunch. This morning i was thinking to eat many 'salak' and drink tea.

Now i want to talk about the ginger and friends. Last week i bought some gingers, and i used them to make tea ever since. I mix it with honey, sometimes with lemon, plus of course with the tea bag. We have plenty of tea bag variations in my house. I always buy tea when i go travelling. So we have finished with the japanese tea, and now we still have tea from thailand, the US and local javanese tea.

I do love drinking tea. But the problem is i am anosmia (person who cannot smell at all). On the other hand, you enjoy a good cup of tea from its smell right? Other wise it will only like warm water. So in my case, to enjoy tea, i like to make it stronger. A good tea for me is the one with a strong after taste. Therefore, adding some gingers, cinnamons, other spicy (cengkeh/jinten/dll) also a lil bit honey and sometimes lemon really help me to enjoy the tea. I will try to take a deep breath to try to smeel the tea, and i can feel the strong smell coming up to my nostrils. A good feeling indeed.

Someone said, tea is like a yoga for the body. it can calm the mind. I agree. That's why i love to write on the diary with a cup of tea. It's like putting oxygen for the busy mind.

The way i made the tea is, when i boil the water i already put the slice of ginger and cinnamon. Then i put the water and all the spices into the glass and the tea bag and honey. i will wait 3-4 minutes for the teabag to do its work, then i start to drink a lil bit. Try this at home!

maybe that's all for now.

Have a great weekend, all.